Mellanox ConnecX management in OPNsense

With OPNsense 19.1 there finally comes mlx4en driver supporting Mellanox ConnectX-3 and up cards.

To enable it open the file /boot/loader.conf.local via CLI and add:


Now reboot your machine and you can have to reassign the interfaces.


To manage the firmware on your device you need the mft package from Mellanox. Go to  and check your card for updated packages. If there are some download them to your appliances with ‚fetch‘ and ‚unzip‘ it’s contents.

Mellanox firmware tools can be downloaded here:

Here are the required steps to install them (please replace with current version):

tar xvfz mft-4.11.0-103.tgz
cd mft-4.11.0-103
pkg install bash
ln -s /usr/local/bin/python2.7 /usr/bin/python


Now check the PCI ID of your card(s):

root@OPNsense:~/mft-4.11.0-103 # /usr/bin/mst status
MST devices:
pci0:1:0:0 – MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3]
pci0:6:0:0 – MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3]


And query the version:

root@OPNsense:~ # /usr/bin/flint_ext -d pci0:1:0:0 q
Image type: FS2
FW Version(Running): 2.36.5000
FW Release Date: 5.9.2017
Product Version:
Rom Info: type=PXE version=3.4.752
Device ID: 4099
Description: Node Port1 Port2 Sys image
GUIDs: ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff
MACs: 248a07f75b30 248a07f75b31
PSID: MT_1080120023


To update the firmware, check you are in the directory where you extracted the firmware and execute (replace with your version and PCI ID):

root@OPNsense:~ # /usr/bin/flint_ext -d pci0:1:0:0 -i fw-ConnectX3-rel-2_42_5000-MCX312A-XCB_A2-A6-FlexBoot-3.4.752.bin b

Current FW version on flash: 2.36.5000
New FW version: 2.42.5000

Burning FS2 FW image without signatures – 48%


… reboot your machine and you are good 🙂