OPNsense Repo



Welcome to my custom community repository, offering a couple of packages and plugins which are not available in core and even wouldn’t fit. Most of the plugins only have an Enable button and you need to adjust them by yourself (or work out of the box like Unifi or Grafana).
This repo comes without any warranty and it is driven by myself (@mimugmail) in spare time or during work allowed by my employer where you can also get (German) commercial support: https://www.max-it.de/loesungen/opnsense-firewall/

These are the current (maybe forever) limitations:

  • Only support for OpenSSL! Please don’t ask for LibreSSL, I don’t use it as most others don’t do
  • Don’t use it in production environments, I only test a couple of them from time to time
  • There is no warranty or support from OPNsense itself available, nor do they support me for doing this, only blame me for errors
  • It will not work when you have /var in ramdisk since the services heavily persist von performant systems with persistent data
  • I try to only compile pkg’s which are not in standard distribution so nothing breaks, but be warned with every update
  • If you encounter problems of have questions, you may get low to none response of help in Forums or Reddit, since this is community-only and in rare use



To use the custom repo SSH into your Firewall and type:

# fetch -o /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/mimugmail.conf https://www.routerperformance.net/mimugmail.conf

Now you can to System : Firmware : Plugins and check for updates.
Some pkg’s don’t have plugins (yet) so you can only install them via CLI like:

# pkg install ocserv


List of Plugins

Here you can find the current list of available plugins:

  • Unifi Controller (os-unifi-maxit) / People with already installed controller by gozoinks script should stick to it, migration untested
  • InfluxDB (os-influxdb-maxit)
  • Grafana (os-grafana-maxit)
  • OCServ (os-ocserv-maxit)
  • Elasticsearch (os-elasticsearch-maxit)
  • Kibana (os-kibana-maxit)
  • AdGuardHome (os-adguardhome-maxit) / it listens on 3000, sadly same as ntopng and Grafana
  • CARPcron HA autosync (os-carpcron-maxit)
  • Speedtest (os-speedtest-community) by mihak09
  • Traefik (os-traefik-maxit)
  • Caddy (os-caddy-maxit)
  • Zeek (os-zeek-maxit)
  • Themes
    • Solarized (os-theme-solarized-community) by mihak09
    • Dracula (os-theme-dracula-community) by mihak09
  • Homeassisstant (os-homeassisstant-maxit) 
  • Unbound Custom Options
  • OPNarp (ARPwatch alternative)


List of Packages

Following is the list of main packages without dependencies. Most of them are dependencies where it doesn’t make sense to build a plugin but you may also use them for your own needs:

  • apache24
  • cloudflared
  • crowdsec
  • ethname
  • grafana7
  • graylog
  • guacamole
  • influxdb
  • mariadb
  • mongodb36
  • mosquitto
  • ocserv
  • openjdk8 & openjdk11
  • smokeping
  • tailscale
  • tomcat9
  • unifi6



If you have new ideas for pkg’s or plugins just ping me via Twitter @mimu_muc or open a new issue via GitHub: https://github.com/mimugmail/opn-repo/issues



These plugins and packages are free as in beer! There is no source code hosted but you may use them for free and forever. Selling these plugins is prohibited! 



If you think this is a good idea you are free to donate any amount to keep it going.