Firewalls need to be up2date!

One of my Firewalls is up2date when I check for updates (24.9.19):

Built on May 15th, so there was 4 months no update, for a security device? Not feeling really safe now. The latest realese on this is -p14 (at the time of writing). When I check the packages available via Package Manager, there is a ton of outdated software like bind (9.11 – 9.14), freeradius3 (3.0.17 – 3.0.19), ntopng (3.6 – 3.8), squid (3.5.27 – 3.5.28), stunnel (5.47 – 5.55 over a year no update!), telegraf (1.6.3 – 1.12.1), zabbix (all of them).

Seems to be a huge gap between security and „stability“ ..

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